Play doh creation

I created a detailed snowflake as the colder months/winter and fall have a special place in my heart. To me, the dormant months represent reflection and tranquility. When the first leaves begin to change,  the crispness and sharpness of the air, the first snowfall,  the dark, chilly, windy, mysterious nature of autumn and winter captivate me and calm me with their dark, cold, short days. I feel that if I was to be a season, I would be autumn or winter;  because in a way, i see myself in the stretch of months bridging the warmer, brighter, green seasons or spring and summer. I was also born in February which is in the dead of winter. Other people also made things that they see themselves in or things and activities in which they are passionate about such as a sport, a career aspiration, an accomplishment and so on and so forth. Making this sculpture made me think about the poetic nature of the colder months and how it relates to my personality and how it relates to winter and autumn. Originally, I was going to do a straight, emotionless expressive face. The reason for this is because ever since this school year started, that is one of the only emotions I feel on a daily basis. But then I thought to myself that I would come off as monotonous, catty, mean, or just boring; in which, there is some truth to that. But then I thought it would be slightly less boring to write about my love for the cold

3 thoughts on “Play doh creation”

  1. I like the way you express yourself through writing and I was able to comprehend your feelings by just reading this blog.

  2. I loved how your creation was unique and wonderful. I also loved how descriptive you were when you described why you chose to make a snowflake.

  3. Great job! I love the detail! It brings me back to the day that we went to Chicago together for your birthday. 😂 Anyways, I really like the description you bring to your project, Good job! 👍✌👏👌

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